Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Vision is available on Barnes & Noble!

The Vision disappeared from B&N for a while--I'm not sure why--but it's back up. Here is the link:

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Vision is available on Amazon!

Hey everyone,
I am ahead of schedule and the kindle version of The Vision (Fallen Star Series, Book 3) is available on amazon:

And here is the link for Amazon UK:

The Nook Book and paperback are being processed. I will post the links when they become available.

Gemma thought she was trapped—that Stephan had finally won. But then time resets and she’s given another chance.
The clock is ticking as Gemma tries to figure out how to change the vision that ends the world in ice. If she can, then maybe she can save the world from Stephan and give her and Alex a chance at a real future. But changing visions can be dangerous, and sometimes one small mistake can lead to disastrous results.

Also, I have been getting asked if this is the final book in the series. There will be a Book 4, which will be the final book of the Fallen Star Series. It will be told from both Alex's and Gemma's point of view.

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