Friday, October 26, 2012

The Forever of Ella and Micha--Teaser TIme!

Here's a teaser from The Forever of Ella and Micha! Hope you enjoy it!

His aqua eyes sparkle like the ocean in the sunlight. “We should wrestle.”
I shake my head from side to side. “No way. The last time I wrestled you you sat on me for like ten minutes, laughing your ass off because I couldn’t get up.”
“First off, get your story straight. I was straddling you, not sitting on you,” he says. “And second off, I only stayed on you for that long because every time you tried to get away your body would rub against me and I was getting turned on.”
“We were like fifteen,” I protest. “You didn’t see me like that yet.”
“I was fifteen,” he retorts. “And you were a girl.”
I giggle at his goofy smile. “Alright, let’s wrestle, but I’m not holding back.”
Sucking on his lip ring, he climbs off the bed, slips off his shirt, and tosses it onto the floor. “Neither am I.”
I drop my face into my hands, shaking my head, aware I’m about to walk into a mess, but Anna told me to be my own judge of situations. Right now, I’m having fun and don’t want it to end, so I get to my feet and stand up on the mattress.
“Just don’t break anything,” I warn, pointing at the glass lamps all around the room and the portraits on the wall. “And don’t break me.”
He smiles darkly. “Oh trust me, I’ve got big plans for you when I win.”
I start to head for the side of the bed, but he matches my move and blocks my path with his arms out to my side.
To throw him off, I skitter to the other side, but then whirl and backtrack, shooting for the open gap as I leap onto the floor and hurry toward the sofa.
“This isn’t supposed to be a game of tag.” He winds around the couch toward me and I dash to the other side. “You have to at least try to pin me to the ground.”
I back toward the bathroom, debating whether or not to lock myself in there. “As soon as I’m within arms reach, I know I’ve lost.”
He prowls toward me, his arms flexing as he pops his knuckles. “Come on, challenge me. You know you want to. That is unless you’re too scared.”
He’s intentionally trying to get under my skin and it’s working. I search for a solution and smile when I find one. With trembling fingers, I grab the bottom of my shirt and slip it off my head, shaking my hair out as it falls to my shoulders.
He leisurely takes in my bare skin and black bra. “Nice move.”
I inch toward him and he matches my steps so we meet in the center of the room. I extend my hand for him, with no other plans then to graze my fingers along his stomach muscles, but he seizes my wrist and crashes our bodies together.
He lifts me up and my legs secure around his hips as his long legs stride toward the bed.
“This isn’t wrestling,” I say, throwing my head back, laughing.
His lips upturn to a conspiratorial grin as he brushes my hair out of my eyes. “I’m not going to throw you down on the floor to do this.”
“Do what?” I ask as he falls down on the bed, landing on top of me.
“Do this.” With an evil look in his eyes, he gathers my wrists in one hand, rendering me captive while putting a leg on either side of me.
Writhing my body I ask, “How do I tap out?”
He leans in closely and strands of his blond hair tickle my cheeks. “You don’t.” He tickles his finger along my ribcage and I jerk upward.
“Don’t you dare,” I advise, squirming to get away “I mean it. It’s not funny and this time I’ll get you back.”
His fingers move along my stomach, dithering, before he squeezes my side. My muscles tense as I squeal. “Micha, please don’t,” I beg, forcing back the laughter. “I’ll do anything you want, just don’t tickle me.”
He draws his hand away, looking pleased. “And that’s how you win wrestling.”
I stare up at him with anger in my eyes, but my body is ecstatic with being concealed underneath his. “That was a dirty move.”
“What can I say, I like to play dirty.” 

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