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What is the order of your series and what genre are they in?

The Coincidence Series goes in the order of:

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (New Adult Contemporary) (Book 1)--now available.

The Redemption of Callie and Kayden (New Adult Contemporary (Book)—now available

The Destiny of Violet and Luke (Book 3)--comes out on ebook Jan. 7, 2014.

Luke and Violet (Book 4)--more info soon.

The Secret Series goes in the order of:

The Secret of Ella and Micha (Book 1)--now available on ebook and paperback.

The Forever of Ella and Micha (Book 2)—now available on ebook.
The Temptation of Lila and Ethan (Book 3)--comes out on ebook Oct. 22, 2013.

Then Ever After of Ella and Micha (Book 4)--available on ebook and paperback Dec. 3, 2013

Breaking Nova goes in the order of: 

Breaking Nova (Nova, #1)--eBook will be out Sept. 3, 2013

Book 2(Nova, #2) Title to be decided--eBook will be out Feb. 4, 2014

Book 3 (Nova, #3) Title to be decided--eBook will be out March 25, 2014

The Death Collectors Series goes in the order of:

Ember X  (Book 1) is the New Adult Paranormal Edition of my YA book Ember. You in no way shape or form have to read anything before this :)

Cinder X (Book 2) Nov 18, 2014.

Shattered Promises Series goes in the order of (the New Adult Paranormal Version):

Shattered Promises (Book 1) You in no way shape or form have to read anything before this, nor do you have to read anything in the Fallen Star Series :)

Fractured Souls (Book 2)—comes out in June 2013.

The Fallen Star Series goes in the order of (the YA Paranormal):

The Fallen Star (Fallen Star Series, Book 1)

The Underworld (Fallen Star Series, Book 2)

The Vision (Fallen Star Series, Book 3)

The Promise (Fallen Star Series, Book 4)

The Fallen Souls Series (YA  Paranormal) goes as follows (this is a spin-off of the Fallen Star Series and you do have to read that series first in order to understand):

The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls Series, Book 1)

The Evanescence (Fallen Souls Series, Book 2)—last book in the YA Series and it’s out now :)

Darkness Falls Series goes in the order of:

Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls Series, Book 1)

Darkness Breaks (Darkness Falls Series, Book 2)

Darkness Fades (Darkness Falls Series, Book 3)

What are some tips for aspiring writers?

Here are some tips that work for me, but every author is different:
1. I don’t follow an outline. I like the characters to tell their stories and I go with the flow. The original idea I started with usually ends up different, but in a good way.
2. I hate sitting on ideas. Once an idea sparks, I try to put it down on paper as fast as I can. If I’m working on another project, I’ll jot as many notes down as possible so I don’t forget them. I even keep a notebook with me at all times, just in case.
3. Pick names for your characters—ones that you really like. Giving them names makes them seem real and connects you with them, which makes the story easier to write.
4. I don’t revise until I’m fairly far into the story otherwise it messes up my flow. Once I reach a comfortable point, then I’ll go back and read what I’ve typed.
5. Find time to write. I get asked this a lot and my answers always the same. I love to write and I will always make time for it, whether I have to miss a TV Show or a party.
6. Writers block happens. When I have writers block, I usually take a short break and let my head clear. This usually helps. Or sometimes I just work with it and keep writing until I figure out where I’m trying to go with the story. Then I go back and delete what I need to.

7. The last and most important. Never give up, even if things get difficult.
Also, here is the info to the editing service I use and also the link to my cover designer.


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